Monday, October 19, 2009

Beautiful Poem

Up until now, my life has been a real bore,
then I saw you, and my jaw hit the floor.
I picked it back up, and got myself together,
and knew right then and there... I could be with you forever.
At that moment, when time stood still,
I knew I liked you, and I always will.
The very first time I looked into your eyes,
I saw who you were and so much more,
I looked straight through to your heart, the most essential part,
and I knew I'd found what I've been looking for.
I knew, one day, I would see you again,
while praying the whole time, that I could become your friend.
You made me feel, like I've never felt before,
it felt like butterflies in my stomach having a war.
There's something about you, that makes it hard to look away,
it's hard not to stare, at your beautiful eyes and hair,
and it makes me want to stay.
There's only one of you, you're one of a kind,
that's what makes you special, and keeps you on my mind.
The world is filled with beautiful things,
we have proof that this is true,
but in my mind when it comes to this,
none can compare to you.
The sound of your voice, is like a melody playing in my mind,
that let's me know for sure...
never again will I find someone like you.
When I look at you, you know what I see?
I see the definition, of beauty.
Just talking to you for a moment, can change the way I feel,
just the sound of your voice, has the power to heal.
My life wouldn't be the same, without you in it,
if I could I would, be with you each and every minute.
Just having you here, makes the world a better place,
and the pain from being without you,
is erased the moment I see your beautiful face.
Everything about you, and everything you do,
is what makes you absolutely perfect, and draws me near you.
You've become someone that is now, more special to me,
than anyone else in the whole wide world, could ever be.
Ohh, and your smile, it puts me under a spell,
and reminds me of for who my heart has fell.
It brightens up the whole world around you, as well as your face,
an image that no other can compare to, or ever erase -
from my mind.

Never again could god create something
so perfect and true, he must have had something
truly special in mind - when he made you.

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